Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holy Update

Pretty sure I didn't realize it has been well over a year since I posted anything. I admit I got sucked into facebook and well still am. But I'm totally commited to updating this blog and keeping up with all our fun changes. So lets see.... Caselyn turned 6 YEARS old this summer, which am in still in shock over, she started first grade and her GRANDMA is her teacher, lucky little girl! She is at a fun age, she is like 6 going on 17. She can be pretty bratty and bossy and emotional, guess she is just preparing me for those oh so fun teenage years. McKoy is almost 4 and is in preschool with Miss Kelci (She had a baby a week ago and hasn't been to class and Koy really misses her, he said today "I hope Miss Kelci isn't still sick this time") He is a hilarious little kid, and so hyperactive. Its so fun to sit and watch him, especially when he doesnt know you are watching, He is just like is dorky dad. Also we have our third little grover on his or her way(Caselyn and I want a girl and Casey and McKoy want a boy, of course) I am due April 25th, 2012(Brocks future wife's birthday). Also my sis in law is due the day before me. I'm so excited to have two babies that close. It would be really fun to have them be the same sex and be really close friends growing up. Plus its just really nice to have someone to share my misery with :) I have been pretty sick this time around, but I think I'm getting better. We are living with the in-laws still but looking for our own place, just want to make sure its the right one. We want to stay in salem, but might have to settle in payson. I still want to be close to Casey's parents and be able to keep Caselyn in Mt. Loafer. So we will see how it goes. Pretty much just have to hold on tight cause this is one wild ride right now....

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hawaii- Paradise 2010

Going to hawaii with the Grover side was one of the best vacations i think we will ever have the chance to go on. We did all the busy stuff first... like Pearl harbor, and The Polynesian cultural center, and walking around Honolulu and Waikiki.... so when we ended up on the most beautiful island all we had to do was relax.... wake up and decide which beach we wanted to go to today or taking the kids to the pool. No worries about going to work, or making sure the bills were paid, or going grocery shopping(which we went to costco when we first landed on Kauai and all chipped in for groceries which saved a ton of money and we got to spend more time at home eating and not debating on where to go for dinner) Just plain old relaxation. Not to mention the scenery was breathtaking, every twist and turn on the highway was covered with beauty. We went snorkeling, I think I deserve a medal for that, I don't even dare to put my head under water at the swimming pool and I floated around breathing through a tube for hours. We spent one day at tunnels beach(named for the tunnels of corral) and we saw the most beautiful fish, such vibrant colors. UMMM and the huge SEA TURTLE we saw there was unbelievable, it just minded its own business while Casey and I sat and watched it eat from about two feet away. I didn't like the salt water though, it made my skin and hair feel very gross, and the sand that managed to get in every part of my body. I very much enjoyed the day my kids threw a big fit to go to the pool rather than the beach and I went home still feeling like a I had human skin. I will never forget all the memories, and lets not forget the reason we all took this vacation.... To spend time together as a family before Brett(casey's youngest brother) left on his mission. We are so proud of him for this decision and know he will be greatly blessed, he is such an insperation of what a young man should be and i hope my sons can grow and learn from him.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes, even though I hav not blogged for an extremely long time I still wanted to change my background :) Anyway hopefully I get a new camera for christmas since my kid, I'm not pointing fingers but it was McKoy, little stinker. And then I can start blogging again. We are at such a fun stage right now, McKoy just turned two and Caselyn is loving preschool and growing up way too fast.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Brock took my kids to Lindsay Maries house and look how much fun they had! This is Lindsays Horse named Ginger. When they finally brought them home after a day of playing they were both passed out cold.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Time!

We finally had a good weekend and got to take the kids to the Payson pool, McKoy didn't like the water very much but I'm sure he will get used to it.

Baby Kien is finally here!

I am officially an aunt! On father's day Megan and Jesse had their baby. He was 6 14 and 21 inches. He is adorable and looks a lot like Jesse. I think Grover's have the dominant gene. Hi name is Kien Edward Grover. Kien is Jesse's Vietnamese name from his mission, It means faith and patience(I love names that have special meaning) and Edward is Megan's dad(not from twilight) Congrats guys and Happy Fathers day!

Is she really 4 years old?

On June 13th, 2009 my baby actually turned four, that means only one more year til kindergarten! We went to chuck e cheese for her party but my camera was lost at the time. Pam got a lot of pictures I just don't have them to post, so these are just some random recent pictures. Instead of getting her more toys(which she doesn't need and we don't have room for) We got her a Kitty(after months of begging casey he finally gave in) . Caselyn named her Cali, like california. She is so funny with the cat, she will sit and hold her and say I love my kitty she is the sweetest kitty I ever saw.
I might cry a little as I tell her birth story, so it's a good thing no one is watching me do this. My pregnancy was not easy, first off I was so so so sick, I literally threw up every single day for the first 13 weeks, I lost a lot of weight, Which was good, but i would have rather gained weight and not had to live threw the vomiting. I am not a patient person so when I was 16 weeks we went to the mall ultrasound center to find out if we needed blue or pink...... and the results was she was a she! I was so excited, even Casey wanted a girl. We immediately went to baby gap and bought a few darling little dresses. this kid had more clothes before she was born I didn't even know what to do with them all. Most of it was my mother, she would buy her a few outfits each week. There were things she never worse because she grew out of them too fast. When I was only 27 weeks I had my first contraction, and they just kept coming I would have them about 7 minutes apart for a week at a time, once they started to get a little stronger we called Dr. Reese and he had me rush over for him to check me, I wasn't dilated but I was "softening" He put me on bed rest, which was very hard for me. I would lay on the couch for days and would start to feel fine and get antsy so I would not be so bed-resty, and then the contractions would start again. I got pretty addicted to soap operas during this time. At my 32 week appointment I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced, I had to take a pill every four hours, even set my alarm through the night to wake up so I would miss a dosage. By 36 weeks I was to a 3 and 80% effaced. but that was a relief to make it that far and I could stop taking the pill. They gave me a steroid shot to push her lungs along too. My cousin Abbie was a great support while I was going through this because although her babies came a lot earlier than Caselyn she still knew what I was going through. We had several trips to the hospital when my contractions got too strong or too close and most of the time Abbie came to visit and help keep me calm. When I was 37 weeks I went for a regular check up on a friday and my blood pressure was very high I don't remember exactly but it was around 170/90. So back on the bed rest for the weekend, Dr. Reese told me if it didn't go down by monday then they would have to induce me. I had a terrible headache all weekend and the next monday my blood pressure had actually gone up so he sent me across the street to Mt. View hospital where I was checked in and induced. I was a little relieved to know that I didn't have to be pregnant anymore but nervous to have an early baby. I was already a four when they broke my water and then started my epidural and for some reason I slowed down. 13 1/2 hours (2 1/2 of those were straight pushing) Caselyn Jean Grover entered this world at 11:03 pm, 6 pounds 3 ounces and 19 inches long. She was perfect and looked like her daddy. It's amazing that you can love something so much. She was born on Uncle Brocks birthday which I loved, Brock and I have always been pretty close so it was fun to have something like that to share. I have a great family who was there to share that special moment with Casey and me. I love you all so much!

To conclude here are 4 things I love about my princess.

1- She tells me she loves me at least 10 times a day for no reason

2- She such a girl, she loves pink and princesses and all things girly

3- She loves her brother, and they actually get along pretty good

4- She loves to help cook and clean and do laundry(I'll take advantage while it lasts)

I love you Caselyn and I will always be there for you, no matter what you need!